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VBUCKS - what is it?

This special virtual in-game currency enable you to acquire a nice, colourful collection of cosmetics items in exchange for your real money. However, this items won't give you any competitive advantage over your rivals in „Battle Royale” game mode. These are purely for fashion purposes. You can also use your V Bucks to buy some Seasonal Battle Passes, but more on this topic is written below our site.

V Bucks - how to get it?

There are many ways to get VBucks. You can obtain it by: doing Daily Quests (only in „Save the World” Player versus Enemy mode), earning the currency from Daily Rewards, completing Storm Shield Defense missions, progressing through „Save the World” Player versus Enemy mode, doing missions that can sometimes give you a small amount of currency as a boost (until you reach your cap), buying it from the official and non-official online stores, earning it through the Seasonal Battle Passes and more.

VBucks - what can I buy for it?

Your VBUCKS can be spent to purchase so called Seasonal Battle Passess and cosmetics intems from the Item Shop. What are cosmetics items? There are all kinds of gliders, costumes/outfits, harvesting tools/picaxes and other stuff that your in-game character can wear or use in Battle Royale game mode. Owners of the game are introducing new parts of cosmetics very often. The question is how much do these items cost? Pickaxes, gliders, costumes and emotes cost mainly from 500 to 2000 V Bucks. Legendary items cost abour 2000 VBucks. However, Seasonal Battle Passes cost 950.

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